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Propane Water Heater

I need to hook up my propane water heater.  Any tips?  The propane is not hooked up yet, but everything is there.



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Posted 2011-03-22T14:26:50+0000  by jagrawal jagrawal

Greetings jagrawal and welcome to the community!


Jagrawal in order to be able to give you a real and sensible answer I would  need to know if you are referring to a tank type or a tankless LP water heater.


Installation instructions for the LP tank type water heaters can be found HERE.

Illustrated water heater step by step instructions can be found HERE.


There are certain limitations when it comes to a placement of the LP water heater.


For example LP appliances should not be installed below grade if such installation is prohibited by federal, state and/or local laws, rules, regulations or customs.


Please refer to your local code enforcement office for additional details and regulations that apply to your specific area.


Also when it comes to venting only approved vent materials that comply with NFPA 54 can be used.

Please refer to this NFPA link for additional instructions.


Hope this  helps and again welcome to the community.

Posted 2011-03-22T20:08:37+0000  by George_HD_CHI

Just a little to add is this a new heater or used one has it been setting unused for some time did you buy it from someone else

 The reason I ask is if new or used be sure it is set up for propane. Some or for natural gas only and others have a way to convert from natural gas to propane.

    If it has been setting unused check for spider webs in the burner assm before installing .Spiders love to build nest in the tube coming from the control to the burner. If not cleaned out it will roar like freight train when you light it

 Make sure you install a vent for the fumes and if you have never set the flame on one spend the 30 -40 dollars and have a guy from where you get your propane from set the flame so you can see what it should look like and observe how he does it.

 Most propane companies now require a line test before filling a tank for the first time and anytime you run completely out  . It is a good practice to just have them test it once a year for leaks.

       I have not watched the film on installing but do not use just anything make sure you use the correct pipe and fittings

 As  young broke married man 40 plus years ago I  used compression fittings  did not know better .Well,I found out they will freeze and crack over a period of time after being fortunate enough to not be blown up and having to pay for a 3rd tank of propane . I purchased the right stuff and fixed my problem


Posted 2011-03-24T18:09:56+0000  by Doc1
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