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Propane leak from Char Broil grill

Hey guys,


I have a Char Broil 3 burner grill (with side burner) that has a gas leak.  I haven't used it in about 6 months.   I fired it up yesterday and the tank ran out of gas.   I ran out and got a new tank and hooked it up.   I did a soap test and found a leak near the regulator.   So, I went out and bought a new regulator and hose.  Hooked it up, and there was a leak in the same exact place near the regulator.   Seems odd that I had a leak in the same place on 2 regulators.   I asked around, and someone suggested that the problem might be with the tank (maybe it's under too much pressure??).   What do you guys think?  Is this possible?   Any other ideas?   Thanks for your help!

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Posted 2012-01-15T02:06:40+0000  by UFlaDave UFlaDave

Hey UFlaDave.


I have not heard from you in a while, welcome back.


Where exactly is the leak coming from? Check the O ring on the inside of the tank and make sure it is not missing or damaged, for if it is then this is the source of the problem.


 If this does not fix the problem then the venturi tubes to your grill could have a partial obstruction. When a grill sits for a long period of time unused, the venturi tubes, which allows oxygen to mix with the gas, kind of creating a vacuum which allows gas to flow into the burner can become blocked with dirt or spider webs. Check for any blockages or obstructions and clear them if any.


 When these are blocked it will cause gas leaks. Because it continues to leak, even after replacing the tank and regulator, I feel strongly that this is what the problem is.


Let me know how things go and if this does not fix the problem we will come up with plan B



Posted 2012-01-15T17:45:23+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Please make sure that you are using a 20lb propane tank with your grill. Normally if a propane tank has been overfilled the regulator will become frosted over and can cause a gas leak. If this is the case please try taking the propane tank back to the retailer and they should be able to relieve the issue. If you still continue to experience issues please contact Char-Broil directly at 1-800-241-7548 and we will be more than happy to assist with further troubleshooting.

Posted 2012-01-17T17:04:26+0000  by Char-Broil

Hey guys,


Thanks for the replies!   I checked the venturi tubes and didn't notice any obstructions.  I took the tank back and exchanged it and they said it looked like the O ring was cracked?   I guess that was the problem.  It's so nice to have my grill up and running again!   Had to cook my steak on the skillet last week, and it just wasn't the same. 


Good to see you're still around giving good advice, GG.  I've been so busy with work lately that I haven't been able to do any DIY projects.    And, CB, thanks for your help as well.  Nice to get an official CB response here.   These forums rock!



Posted 2012-01-18T23:09:03+0000  by UFlaDave

I replaced my regulator, due to leaks about two years ago. This week I replaced it again for the same reason. To my surprise, still leaks on both my tanks, turns out there is a rubber or plastic gasket inside the opening of these new tank valves that deteriorates fairly quickly over time. I use the local corner store tank exchange for my propane. You can't even visually inspect the gasket before you exchange because of that plastic safety cap that can't be removed without destroying it.(you open it, you bought it,)  This problem is getting worse as these new tank valves are starting to get some age on them. It's no wonder propane appliance fires Are on the rise. It sucks because you can't return a full leaking tank for a refund or exchange because they don't know if it isn't a problem with your equipment! Just BE CAREFULL!!! Don't over tighten the connector. Too tight is what crushes a dry gasket. Hand tight, snug should get it unless the last guy over tightened it. ALLWAYS CHECK FOR LEAKS with soap and water mix spray, and always turn off the tank valve when done cooking! The old design was much safer with an easily replaceable o ring  but the public didn't like the reverse threads.


Posted 2012-08-17T18:00:01+0000  by Jeffhere
Sometimes the grill doesn't leak, but still won't achieve a hot temperature. 

An improperly pressurized regulator will cause this condition. Here's a link to a post that shows you how to fix that problem:


Posted 2014-09-19T18:44:02+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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