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Proper slope for drainage- Paver Patio

First time poster here.....I'm installing a paver patio that will be right next to my house


I know there has to be a mild slope for drainage away from the house, and I've excavated appropriately to accomodate that.  So if the foundation is sloped accordingly, do the layers about the dirt have to have the same slope?  Including the crush and run and paver sand?  That way I wouldn't have pavers that set on a mild slope.


My pavers will have about 2-3 inches of space between each one so my thoughts are that with the porous nature of the design that the water would drain to the bottom of the foundation and drain away as intended.


Thoughts?  Comments?



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Posted 2011-06-06T18:54:32+0000  by MikeHGA79 MikeHGA79

Hi Mike,


Travis here. Welcome to the Community!!


  The base layers can accommodate the water and will drain as long as you provide for it. If the lower edge of the patio creates a damming effect, the patio may fill with water, creating a pool. This can cause erosion and may flow unpredictably.


  When I installed the pavers at my house, I wanted the stones to be level with the soil. In other words, the top of the pavers are at the soil level. I accomplished this by digging out the turf to a depth equal to the thickness of the paver stone.


  Here in north Georgia, our soil is mainly clay. I maintained the natural slope with the stones so that the water will continue to flow because the clay holds water.


  If the lower edge of your  patio is at or above the level of the slope, the water should drain away as long as you provided sufficient drainage through the paver base. If the patio retains water, a pool may form and flood unpredictably.


 Allow the water to flow through and it will not become a problem.


Thanks for asking, I hope I helped.






Posted 2011-06-07T13:31:39+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Great advice, thanks!


The base layer does have a natural slope to one corner of the patio so I plan on installing a drainage box below the crush and run to take the water.  I'm going to put some landscape fabric over the drainage box so it doesn't clog.


I know what you mean about the clay....I live in GA as well but I must have the only lot in the state that is not's very sandy! 


Thanks again!

Posted 2011-06-07T15:58:21+0000  by MikeHGA79
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