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Proper way to measure window for inside mount vinyl mini blinds

Show proper way to measure for either outside mount or inside mount of vinyl mini blinds on windows


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Posted 2013-06-07T14:48:40+0000  by bav bav

Hello bav and welcome to the community!


Measuring for mini blinds is easy, follow the steps below and take the measurements to the store and place your order! 



Horizontal Blinds & Fabric Shades

Inside Mount 

Inside mount blinds and shades are installed inside the window casing. Minimum depth requirement varies by product and headrail type. See your sales associate for details.


  1. Measure the exact inside width of window casing from one inside edge to the other in three different places. Record the narrowest measurement.
  2. Measure the exact height in three different places from top edge of opening to top of sill. Record the longest measurement.
  3. Do not take any deductions. Allowances are made at the factory to ensure a perfect fit.


Inside mount.png




Outside Mount 

Outside mount blinds and shades are installed outside the window casing, covering an area larger than the window itself.


  1. Measure the exact width to be covered. Be sure the measurement overlaps the window opening by at least 1-1/2" on each side (3" total overlap) to ensure light control and privacy.
  2. Measure exact height to be covered, including desired overlap. (Typically from top edge of molding to bottom edge, or to top of sill if there is one.)
  3. The factory makes no allowances on outside mount.


outside mount.png

Posted 2013-06-13T19:55:08+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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