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Properly hang a cluster of picture 8x10, 5x7,4x6 ?

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Posted 2013-06-28T05:16:13+0000  by brh brh

Hi there brh,


My apologies about the delay in answering your question. But let's see if we can get this solved for you!~


In all due honesty, there is no right or wrong way about doing it, so there isn't really a way of giving you a concrete answer on this one. What I may find appealing in doing in this situation may not fly for you or other people. The most I can say would be to lay them out in different desings and see which works the best for you and your room.


One way that I personally find appealing is to stagger them (and this will also depend on the orientation the photos are hanging) so that they are slightly off center, but still give a look of crisp lines when they're finished. Here is one such example I drew up using the sizes given, albeit scaled down a bit so they'll fit on your screen nicely here.



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Posted 2013-07-11T14:14:48+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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