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Pros and cons of using a nail gun to put up siding?

Any recommendations?
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Posted 2018-06-01T22:40:36+0000  by HDD HDD

Hello HDD and welcome to the Community.


There are several TYPES OF SIDING, each with their own properties, characteristics and methods for installation.


How to attach siding will depend on the type of siding you are installing.  It is important to follow the manufactures installation guidelines. If the type of siding can be nailed and you want to use a nail gun, make sure you have set the depth control so you do not nail it to tight or go through the material completely.  Nail guns are fast but you lose some control when using a nail gun. The type of nails you can use in a nail guns may be limiting.


Vinyl siding expands and contracts with outside temperature changes.

Do not nail tightly. Allow a minimum of 1/32 ̋between the back of the nail head, screw or staple crown and the nailing strip. The position of the nail in the slot is critical.


For Cedar siding: “Split-less” siding nails have blunt heads and thin shanks, which reduces the chance of splitting. Nails with ring or spiral shanks have greater holding power. Pre-drill when nailing close to edges.


Fiber cement siding like JAMES HARDIE SIDING has its own installation parameter.


Click on the bold words to view detailed information and installation instruction. 


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-06-05T14:14:23+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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