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Purchase replacement kitchen florescent light fixture

 need to replace my ceiling florescent light. I currently have a 4 light fixture with a puffed plastic cover. The current fixture is 48 inches long. How do I know what size of a new fixture to buy?
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Posted 2017-10-08T02:31:56+0000  by sec sec
Hey sec.

Any new fixture that you buy to replace your light will wire up to the same. The biggest thing with changing light fixtures like this one is that if you go with a smaller fixture, you might discover that the ceiling where the fixture was is an entirely different color. In my 20 years working in the store this has always been the case. People have to paint the ceiling to make it not look crazy when going with a smaller light.

Get a fixture the same size or bigger or get some ceiling paint with your new smaller light. Many of the new lights like the one you are replacing are LED. They do not have bulbs, as the LED Diodes are built into the fixture and designed to last over 20 years. These fixtures are a little bit more expensive than the fluorescent but they will save you a lot of energy and pay for themselves quickly.

Posted 2017-10-08T11:50:15+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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