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Putting in a new flower bed & amending your soil

There it sits, right in front of your house.  Everytime you drive up, the flower bed calls to you for attention.  You calmly patronize the plants as you walk by telling them that you will "get to it"  as soon as you get around to It.   Lets put the flower bed on the top of the to-do list for this weekend and get it done. 


OK, let's make sure we have all our tools out and ready to use.  You will need  our trusty tilling fork, a spade,  a pointed transfer shovel, your wheel barrow or dump wagon and lots of water on a hot day.  Try to get started early in the morning to beat the heat if you can.  Use your tilling fork to dig out or move any of the unwanted plants.  Once that is done, use your pointed transfer shovel to dig out and or sift the remaining soil to remove any unwanted debris. 


Once the soil has been removed and or sifted, add your soil amendment.  Usually about 3-6  inches stacked on top and then mixed into the ground about 12 inches down will provide an ideal area for your plants to root.  Depending on your area the type of soil amendment will vary.  Check with your local Home Depot Garden Department for some good recommendations.  Remember that since you will be adding about 3-6 inches of soil into your flower bed, some soil may have to be removed.   


Once the soil amendment has been mixed in, it is time to put in a sprinkler system for your flower bed.  Why not, the area is already dug up!  Check out my video to see how to amend your soil the right way!




Good luck with your project.  This has been another of,



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