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Putting more insulation in my attic.

I am wanting to put more insulation in my attic.  My entire attic is decked.  The existing insulation is under the decking.  My question is, Can I blow in insulation over the decking or should I remove the decking then blow in insulation?



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Posted 2011-07-04T01:09:09+0000  by clay_crabtree clay_crabtree

Hello clay_crabtree.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!

My short answer is that the decking itself should be fine where it is.  There is no need to pull it up.


There are a  couple of things that need mentioning though.  First is the need to maintain soffit ventilation into the attic space.  You can buy pre-made channels that look like this:




Another option would be to run plastic sheeting across  the rafters from the decking up a few feet, creating channels between the rafters and roof sheathing for ventilation.


The second issue concerns electrical wiring.  You will need to maintain access to any junction boxes that may exist in your attic.  It is not unusual for conduit and boxes to be run across the attic floor powering ceiling and wall outlets in the lower living space.  You will want to make an access box and clearly flag/mark the location of any boxes that the blown-in insulation might cover.  As you can see below, anything that's on the deck will be pretty well buried by the time you are done!




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I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-07-05T14:42:21+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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