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Putting up a ceiling beam

Hi everyone,

I live in an apartment, I have been given permission to do some decorating projects, eg. Kitchen backsplash, painting, carpeting, flooring.....I have a long room which is used as a dinning room and living room...I would like to put a light weight decorate beam across the ceiling and down the wall, can anyone tell me how to do this please.  Thanks

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Posted 2011-07-13T07:34:18+0000  by Nellie Nellie

Hello Nellie,


Welcome to the community.


It sounds like you have a few projects ahead of you. We are here to help if you need it.


Here are my suggestions for adding a decorative beam.


I would attach a 2” x 3” to the wall and ceiling and then frame it with a 1” x 6” board on the sides and a 1” x 3” on the outer top edge to make look like a 4” x 6” beam. If you want it to be bigger just change the piece that you attach to the wall to a wider piece and adjust the 1” boards to match the size you want.

                                                                                 fake beam.JPG


If you’re going to paint it then you could use Pine or Doug fir. If you’re planning on staining it then I would go with Oak for the 1” material.


Make sure that you attach the 2” x 3” to a stud or use drywall anchor to secure it to the wall and the ceiling before you add the boards.


Fasteners rule of thumb. Use screws that are twice as long as the thickness of whatever you’re attaching. Keep in mind that you have to go thru drywall to get to the studs. Example: 2” x 3”= 1 ½” actual thickness. You should use at least a 3” screw. I would use a 3 ½” screw to be safe.


Helpful hint: Put a little bit of wax on the screws before you start and they will screw in a lot easier. This is very helpful on longer screws. In my shop I have a container with a toilet wax ring in it. Before I start a project I stick the screws in it and then just grab them from there as I need them. It works really well.


This should get you on the right track to adding a decorative beam in your apartment.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


The community is always here to help.

Posted 2011-07-13T22:24:10+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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