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Putting up a new fence

Hello all


I been in my house for two years now.  I have a small back yard which contains my garage and an old  wooden fence with vertical panels.  The left side of the yard has a metal link fence that is in good condition (that appears to belong to the neighbor on that side of the yard, the back and right side consists of the wooden fence portion.  The back side is gradually breaking down.  It is standing with the assistance of the few wooden post that are solidly in the ground.


A couple of panels have already fell due to high winds.  Since I didn't originally put the fence in, this is what I think.  The rear fence appears to be on the neighbor in the back's property.  The wooden fence on the right side, which is in good condition, is either on my property or the neighbor on the right side of mines.


I would like to put in a new fence next year.  One, whose panels are not as close and that is somewhat resistent to high winds preferably. 


1)   How do I determine whose property the fence at the rear and right side of me is on?

2)   If the property is all mine, do I replace both rear and right side even though the right side is in good condition?


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Posted 2010-12-12T16:15:45+0000  by shawnj985 shawnj985

Hey shawnj985,


I'm a fellow store Home Depot associate just like Greengiant. I Just wanted to give you a quick follow-up since Greengiant isn't available today. You can contact your local Home Depot for installation set-up or by calling 1-800 HOMEDEPOT anytime the ground is good enough so they can see where they are digging for putting put the posts. With that said, you don't have to wait until Spring to get your new fence put up.


Thanks for your posts on here (no pun intended lol) and hope to hear from you soon!



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Posted 2010-12-13T16:56:40+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey shawnj985.


This is greengiant. The first thing I would do is have a surveyor come out and mark my property line. If those are not your fences then you don’t want to spend money on the neighbor’s fence. If your neighbors are trustworthy, then just ask them who’s fence is it. Did they put it up or did the former owner of your house put it up? If they are yours, then just pressure wash the one fence that is in good shape. That will give its new color back. As far as the wind is concerned, sometimes pickets on the fence will loosen up over time when nailed in with too small of nails. The Home Depot does sell different type pickets for your fence. The answer may be as easy as buying replacement pickets.


With your camera or camera phone take pictures of your fence and measurements and let the guys at your Home Depot get you fixed up. When I put up my fence, I used 4” pickets and spaced them 4” apart. This made it where the wind could go through it but the dogs could not. After about 7 years some of the pickets started to fall off, because I used my nail gun. After putting them back up with wood screws, they are never coming off


Fence panels are easy, but only work on perfectly flat yards. If you get us some measurements and give them to my Pros at the Pro desk at your store we can fix you up and tell you exactly what you need.

There are many different ways to do a fence, some offer privacy and others are used to contain animals or children. Thanks for your question and welcome to our new community.




Here is a great guide to help you pick the right type of material for your new fence

Posted 2010-12-12T20:36:59+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hello greengiant


Thanks for replying


The type of fence I got is the #111 dog ear cut.   The fence does have small nails into the panels but the culprit appears to be that some homeowner tried to put in their own posts.  Some are more stable than others.


I guess what I need right now is to find a surveyor before I contact Home Depot about putting up a fence.  By the way, only about 50 feet need to be replaced.   The fence in question is there mainly to define property lines.  The neighbor has no dogs or other animals.


Also, I'm in Milwaukee, Wi.   Snow is flying as I write this.   If the surveyor says the fence is mine, should I wait til Spring when its warmer or do I contact Home Depot once the snow melt, whenever that is?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Posted 2010-12-12T21:51:41+0000  by shawnj985

i like the details given by the Home Depot person that posted the comment with pictures but here in the city where I live in Ohio there are more issues you need to be aware of.

1. your city building department gives permits for building a fence! you need to get one! before you build and know the city CURRENT code for fencing....


a) what fence types are approved for installation in your city... my city has only TWO and i needed to go before the zoning board to get a different one approved.

b) my city changed from allowing the fence to be ON THE PROPERTY LINE (where the old one was) to the new code requiring the fence be 2 feet minimum from the property edge. yes we lose 4 feet of yard width.

c) i had to get signed documents from my neighbors to put in a fence higher than 4 foot. (city code again)

d) i live on a corner so I had to go in front of the zoning board to get putting a new fence up at all (the city is effectively my neighbor on the street sides)

2. a survey will cost about $250-$400 but without really being sure the permission of your neighbor (in case you put it on their property) won't mean squat if they sell and a new owner moves in and doesn't like the fence.

3. if you use Home Depots Fence Designer software (big Hammer) be warned it doesn't give you a complete list of stuff you need to actually build the fence. but for $16 it allows you to really think thru the fence you want.



Posted 2011-03-29T16:55:33+0000  by ronf57
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