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Queen Palms Struggling in this AZ weather.

Hello everyone. I need help stat. During the winter our queen palms were doing fine and looked nice, but ever since summer came along they have been browning at the tips and the ends.

   We just moved into this house , and it has a drip system . I have attached pictures. So during winter the drip system was set to 4 and now since it is Summer I set it to 5 1/4 the highest it goes is 6 (GPH per port) It is the Orbit 4 Port Manifold. I googled and read you need to put the dripper a little farther from the base , where the frawns end so I just moved them today , im not sure if they are in the right place or to far or what . I bought some palm food with manganese hoping it will help them out a bit , so the soil is wet from me soaking it in. Please give me some advice since I think its because Im not sure how to set the dripper. 
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Posted 2018-06-03T17:08:54+0000  by Kirah Kirah

Posted 2018-06-03T17:12:12+0000  by Kirah

Hi Kirah.


Thank you for your great question.


You do have a challenge before you growing a tropical palm in a desert environment. 


The Queen Palms are stressed in the dry desert climate, alkaline and salty soil.   Your queen palms will benefit from an application of palm fertilizer, which has 8% nitrogen per application along with the minors, which includes sulfur. 


Apply this fertilizer about every 3-4 months.



The winter months provide more humidity than the dry summer months do, which is part of the reason they do better in the winter months.


Be sure that your emitters are placed at the Drip Line of your Palm trees. That is the area where the palm fronds end.  Your Queen Palm will do best with deep watering at the Drip Line about every 10 days.  You could place your emitters at the top, bottom and left and right sides of the Drip Line for good coverage.  The 6 GPH emitters should be fine.


Please let us know how your Queen Palms are coming along as the summer progresses.



Posted 2018-06-05T17:06:06+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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