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Question about stud finders and lathe and plaster walls

This weekend I'll be installing our early Xmas present, a 40" TV. We have Lathe & Plaster walls and I'm not sure how well a stud finder would work due to the lathe. has anyone ever experienced this or know if it will work fine?




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Posted 2010-11-24T04:37:12+0000  by b4d93r b4d93r

Good morning Steve, I'm the Hammer, and I hope that the information I'm giving you will help. First and foremost, the answer to your question is "no", stud finders don't work on plaster walls. I won't go into detail because it will only fill you head with things that are just not important to most people. My recommendation is to go to the Zircon website ( and go to the FAQ section. They have posted a video explaining why stud finders don't work on plaster walls, and show you a tool that they sell which does, in some cases, work on plaster.  You say it's lathe, so you should be O.K. with the metal finding tool which they demonstrate.

That being said, there is another option which is available at your local Home Depot. It's a screw called a Wall Dog. They are manufactured by Hillman, and will work in plaster. They look more like an auger than your typical screw. Any hardware associate can show them to you when you pay us a visit.

When using these screws, you need to go slow and let the screw work its way into the plaster, or it will just "auger" material out, and not anchor you T.V. mount to the wall. Hillman states that the screws are rated for 50 pounds, but in situation such as yours, more is better ( this is known as the "law of belt and suspenders" ,which states that it is impossible for your pants to fall down if you are wearing both).

This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but anchoring in plaster is never an easy task, so yes, finding a stud is the best solution to avoid the T.V. coming down on its own.

 So, check out the video at the Zircon site, pay your local Home Depot a visit, and welcome to the community. Please feel free to ask more questions, and keep me posted.

Ray the Hammer



Posted 2010-11-24T14:23:35+0000  by TheHammer
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