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Questions on sealing

Hello all, I was told a high gloss interior/exterior paint would work well for my tabletop so I painted it with a Glidden. Apparently that was wrong. I am now told that I won't be able to seal the table because the high gloss won't allow anything to stick to it. Do I degloss the tabletop? Or is there a sealer I can use to protect the paint?
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Posted 2017-10-09T16:37:32+0000  by boothm87 boothm87
Did you use Glidden oil or acrylic paint? The oil version should be an excellent table top paint all by itself. Acrylic paints don't dry to a hard, durable finish as do the oils. They retain a gummy quality to which solid objects will want to stick. The performance of an acrylic finish coat can somewhat be improved by topping it off with a coat of water based polyurethane, which dries crystal clear and dries harder, lessening that gumminess of the acrylic underneath.

You can try to dull the glossy surface by uses of fine sandpaper, although acrylic paints don't sand too well due to their gumminess. A quiock wipedown with denatured alcohol shold also aid in dulling the old finish.

The new coat of urethane will bring back the high gloss, and impart better durability.

Plan "B" ( the better plan IMO ) would be to strip the top back down to wood and start over with either a high quality alkyd oil paint, or a durable water based alkyd, such as those by Behr.
Posted 2017-10-10T03:43:41+0000  by ordjen
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