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Quick Temporary Fence Ideas

Can anyone recommend a way to build a fence that is temporary and that's relatively inexpensive? Something that doesn't require posts to be set in the ground (renting, so it's not allowed). It's mainly to keep my dog (40lb shepherd mix) enclosed but I would also like to have some sort of a backyard aswell.

I've looked into dog runs but they're usually too small to be ideal for creating a space big enough for a backyard. I'm looking to close off an area between 30 - 40 feet wide by 10 feet in depth. It needs to be atleast 6 feet high (my dog can already clear a fence 5 feet in height).


This is only going to be a 2 sided fence. The backyard is already fenced on both sides. However, I share the whole backyard with two other houses behind me and next to me.

I'm only looking to fence off the portion that's open which I only need two sides to completely close it off to the rest of the houses.




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Posted 2012-08-06T02:38:48+0000  by nick2788 nick2788

Hello and thank you for joining our How to Community.


Nick taking it all in consideration, you wanting privacy and him being able to clear a 5 foot fence @ 40lb :smileyhappy:, I think your best option would be to go with 6’ foot privacy wood fencing.


One of our vendors (Simpson) makes a product called EZ-SPIKE that eliminates a need for concrete post footing. EZ-SPIKE is basically a long spike that has a square top sized to accept a 4x4 post that is normally used for supports.

ezspike-uninstalled (1).jpgezspike-installed.jpg

Check local building department for any applicable code requirements before installing E-Z Fence Post Products. 


These spikes are  really not meant to be temporary, but they can be taken out and reused if you ever decide to move out or take a fence down for some reason. Trick with removal is to heavily water-saturate the ground around them prior to removal.


In our stores we carry untreated privacy wood fencing called Stockade that is relatively inexpensive comparing to any other type of fencing. Depending on the market and promotions, 6'x8' panels are normally priced in a range of $25 to a $30 dollars per panel.


As far as the posts go, you can save couple bucks by purchasing  12’ foot posts and cutting them down to 6’ feet. Normally you would need a longer post so that portion of it can be buried in the ground but with EZ- SPIKES post only needs  to be high enough to reach top of the panels, which is 6’ feet for privacy fencing.


I hope this helps and good luck with you project.



Posted 2012-08-06T14:39:42+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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