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R value for reflective insulation

Reflective insulation states R value 3.7 to 21. How do I maximize the R value?


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Posted 2013-12-31T00:01:07+0000  by Glynda Glynda

Hi Glenda,


The 'R' Valve of insulation increases with the thickness or depth of the insulation. Thus adding more insulation on top of the existing insulation will increase it's 'R' value.


If you have a foil faced insulation installed now, you can add additional layers of non foil faced insulation to increase its' 'R' valve.


The foil is normally faced toward the interior of the home, thus in an attic the foil would face down toward the interior of the house.


In a very hot climate, you may use foil faced insulation as a top layer with the foil facing up to reflect summer heat from the interior of the home.


However in most cases, unfaced insulation is used to increase the 'R' value of existing insulation.



Posted 2013-12-31T01:13:34+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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