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So my husband told me it is not time to remodel the bathroom, I DISAGREED.  He was at work and i decided to tear the bathroom apart.  I removed the tile from the floor, it has a plywood sub floor.  I will be replacing the floor with Vinyl tiles, do i have to remove the excessadhesive/cement/glue?  I am sure I do which brings me to my next question WHAT DO I USE?  i tried scraping, it is not  removing much and i really do not want to have to replace subfloor because my husband will kill me he is already mad i started this project HAHA.  any suggestions please get back to me ASAP!

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Posted 2012-07-21T19:13:18+0000  by JME-jakofaltrad JME-jakofaltrad

Hello JME-jakofaltrad,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


To assist you further, do you know what kind of adhesive/cement/glue is down on the floor?

Depending on what is down will determine how you can take it up effectively. A hardened cement based adhesive will more than likely need to removed by hand or machine (scraper). An adhesive can be removed by scraper or by a solvent.


The key is to remove as much as possble so the subfloor will be clean level and stable for use of your new vinyl tiles. 


If it is hard,such as cement, it could be mortar (if you are removing ceramic or porcelain tiles), removal can be done with a grinder either in hand-held or walk-behind forms, available to use at your local Home Depot Tool Rental Center


If it is an adhesive that is or was sticky, it can removed with a floor maintainer rented from our Tool Rental Center with an abrasive sanding disc. This works in a 17" path, which is great for a main bathroom. However, if you have a small area to remove glue you can use an adhesive remover in semi-paste form to successfully get the glue off the subfloor. 

adhesive remover

This is done with chemical gloves, good ventilation, and working in a small 3ft. x 3 ft. area to ensure the glue is off once and  for all.


Hopefully with these tips, your husband won't be in the mood he is in now since you know how to tackle removing the glue!


Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2012-07-21T19:34:10+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

JD in Atl is right, but failed to mention one other successful method: heat.  I had occasion to remove tile with the "once sticky" type adhesive JD mentioned (the most common used in homes). A propane torch worked good, but it is a lot of manual effort if you have a large area. Plus side is you may not have to buy anything and its better for your lungs and the environment than chemical removers.


Also, just water will help too. It won't soften the adhesive, but it helps loosen the adhesive's grip on the wood so it is a little easier to scrape off.


To save face, I would tell the hubby he gets to go out every night and have fun while you scrape away at the floor ;)


Just kidding. I wouldn't do that to my wife either.

Posted 2013-07-26T03:28:50+0000  by rwillfrd
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