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Could someone tell me what the best product is for removing oil based paint from wood (trim)?  Thanks!!

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Posted 2013-07-31T17:51:35+0000  by GV GV

Welcome to our community GV,


There are a few products for you to choose from. Which one you choose will depend on if you are able to remove the trim and strip the paint off outside, or if you will be doing it indoors.


If you are doing it outdoors, you can use Klean-Strip Premium Stripper. This is a really strong stripper, so it will get off your paint easily. You will need adequate ventilation if you use this stripper.


If you are doing it indoors, Citristrip Stripping Gel can be used inside. You will still need ventilation, so opening the windows is a good idea. This product is not as strong as the Klean-Strip, so you may have to put it on multiple times.


With either of these projects, you will want to make sure you use chemical resistant gloves, a face mask and goggles.


If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-07-31T18:49:07+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL



Be advised that if you intend to return to natural, stained woodwork, it is extremely difficult to get the old painted wood clean enough to accept new stain well. Some of the former paint pigment will be stuck down deep in the grain of the wood, where it will show through the new stain.


If the woodwork was originally varnished before someone decided to paint it, you have a better chance of cleaning the old paint off . This is because the old varnish will have prevented much of the paint pigment from penetrating into the grain.


In any event, it is a long, messy operation  and has some considerable material cost. If you are talented at woodworking, it is often faster to actually replace much of the woodwork, using the old woodwork as a pattern


Just a few comments from  an ol' contractor

Posted 2013-08-01T02:10:28+0000  by ordjen

Thank you ordjen!!!  This has made my project take a whole new path!!!

Posted 2013-08-01T13:40:37+0000  by GV
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