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Hello, I am an amateur woodworker, investing in all new tools. I have a Chicago-brand ROTARY TOOL and a set of 249 accessory kit. Help me out here? IDEA BOOKS?  I am steering towrds, kitchen items, children's toys and furnishings. Small furniture like chests, serving trays. bookcases.


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Posted 2011-04-05T14:35:07+0000  by whitecougar whitecougar

Hello whitecougar and welcome to The Community!  We are glad you are here.


It sounds like you will soon be well on your way to becoming an expert woodworker with the new tool investment!  It may be best to start with simple projects like serving trays and simple chests to build your skills and then attempt larger and more intricate projects down the road. 


I can recommend several ideas for projects.    Your local Home Depot store has numerous books and magazines geared specifically towards woodworking.  Best of all, most are 10% off publisher’s list price everyday at the store!


Go online and search for “woodworking magazines” and you will be directed to dozens of magazines and literally thousands of free plans.   Several of the magazines have online forums where woodworkers can share tips, tricks, ideas, and plans. 


di-pg-01-04.index-step_01.jpg     kh_learn_interior_stain.jpg



Don’t forget that your project won’t be completed until it is stained or painted.  Check out the How-to section on our website for great project completers, like the Preparing Woodwork for Painting Project Guide and the Interior Stains Buying Guide.


Best wishes and please share photos of your finished projects with us!



Posted 2011-04-05T16:54:29+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL


Hello again, whitecougar!


I found several great projects to get you started.  You wanted projects for kids (children's toys and furnishings) and this project will take the kids from indoors to outdoors: Build a Kid’s Table.


kids table.jpg


This will definitely be a hit with the littlest ones – especially with the chalkboard table top.  You could also consider keeping the banister posts at the original height and painting on a checkerboard top for bigger kids, too.



If you are more adventurous, consider our Building a Picnic Table Project Guide.





Then get yourself ready for summer with our Build a Daybed project. 




Happy building!



Posted 2011-04-05T18:12:10+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Hello Whitecougar, welcome to the community!


Designingwoman has some great suggestions and being a fellow woodworker myself and a computer nerd in my spare time, over the last 35 years I have amassed a variety of magazines, books & videos about woodworking. One invaluable tool, the computer, it allows me to surf the internet looking for free plans, or even purchase plans that are a "must have". Search Google for whatever you interested in building, or just looking to get ideas.


Another great thing about the internet is the ability to get email, which leads me to my next suggestion. When you buy or look at a magazine, they usually offer a free monthly email with projects for that month and the projects are sometimes specific to upcoming holidays. Most magazines do this to generate sales in their publication, and you can either keep the email and print the individual topics you want, or delete it.


Next, put your tax dollars to work for you, go to the Library! There are books and videos that you can check out, or magazines that you can copy while your there. And if you don't have a computer, most libraries usually have them for you-- the world is at your finger tips!


I hope you will find all of this helpful in your never ending quest to build something, either for yourself or to sell, and go from amateur to professional woodworker!


Please post pictures of your projects, or let us know if you have any more questions.



Posted 2011-04-07T14:06:05+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI



Wood carver here. I whittle and power carver soft woods daily. Chicago tools are good to start with. Once you decide you like power carving yourself will tell you to start looking for better toys. I use only Dremel tools.


check out Carving / woodcarving and you tube for great ideas. Also look for carviing clubs in your area, they offer great advise and meet monthly.


good luck

Posted 2011-08-24T14:57:13+0000  by carverjack
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