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RV Remodeling Project

Hi All, 


I'm remodeling an old RV, and have a million questions but just 3 today:


1.  Can anyone recommend a good light weight hand held sander?


2.  Can anyone recommend a way to cover up the ugly metal window frames? Google has no answers. Something like a pretty moulding... anything other than painting them, because that won't hide the ugliness.  Don't really want curtains though, as I'm doing the minimalist thing.


3.  The wood vinyl walls are beyond repair.  I've considered this:


And also plain vinyl paneling, but I don't want seams and don't know what would be best.  I really would rather not use paneling because I would have to do a lot of sawing and cutting.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!







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Posted 2012-10-25T00:18:10+0000  by CC777 CC777




Good luck with your project. I have owned 4 motorhomes over the years and was always "remodeling" them, even though they were all bought new.


RV manufacturers OD on woodgrain. I wall papered one of my motorhomes to get rid of some of that woodgrain look. If you can find a commercial grade, fabric backed vinyl wall paper, you will have a really tough surface. You will want to scuff sand the wood ( if it is real) and then prime it with one of the wall papering prime products. If the seams are tight, you can just paper over them. If it is one of the wood look vinyls, prime it out with a product such as Glidden's "Gripper" first. This will give your wallpaper a good surface to bind to.


I have used a small pad sander for years.They take a quarter piece of standard sandpaper. they run from about $30 to $45.


The best thing to do to the windows is spray them with a darker oil rubbed bronze color finish. I think it is the cold, mill finish aluminum to which you really object. New motorhomes are still using metal windows, but they are always painted a darker color.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2012-10-25T06:12:56+0000  by ordjen

1. Dewalt Pad Sander with Dustbag

2. Pick up some 2" vinyl cove base. Preferbly some self adhesive stuff and it should easily cover the frame. 2" Self adhesive cove base in multiple colors

3. If you can get the walls sanded flat and flush I would just paint on something like this rubber coating.

I hope this helps as you wrap up your project. If you have other questions you can visit me at my RV website for do it yourself'ers below.


Posted 2012-12-29T18:47:50+0000  by RV-AJ

Any updates on this? If the project is finished I would love to see before and after photos!

Posted 2013-02-11T19:48:36+0000  by curioushandyman
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