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RV main breaker panel

Ok I asked a question about replacing a main breaker in a Homeline load center for RV use and the product mentioned in the answer I was given is not available here.... let me spell out in some detail what I am wanting to do, then maybe I can get more specific recommendations as to what I will need.

I am starting a bus to RV conversion.  What I need is a load center with a 50 amp main breaker that has space for no less than 12 branch circuits.  There are RV panels out there that meet this criteria but they are horribly overpriced, when I can find one at all.

The smallest load center I can find that meets the branch circuit criteria has a 100 amp main which is double what I need, as the power  poles in RV parks are 50 amp service at most.

The plan as it is written right now is to have two 20A branch circuits to power two rooftop air conditioning units (one on each phase of the service), another 20A circuit for a furnace on one side (but only one of the circuits, A/C or furnace, will be on at any one time), then have each individual appliance on its own 15 amp branch circuit (washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and water heater).  Outlets within the bus will be on two 15A circuits (front/rear or left/right, haven't decided that yet), with another 15A powering GFCI protected outlets on the outside of the bus, and a final 15A circuit powering tank heaters for my fresh water and grey water tanks.

After I select appliances, I might be able to double up on some of the appliances on a circuit (depending on the power draw of each, plus startup power for the motors), but for  now each is on a dedicated circuit to play it safe.

All of these loads will be balanced as much as possible between the two phases of the 50A input, while taking into consideration that if I have to connect to 30A service via a dogbone, one side of the 50A will not be available.

I don't want to overcomplicate this by having a separate 30A inlet and panel (even if NEC does allow this, which I'm fairly sure they don't).  I want to keep it simple, yet code-compliant.

Just looking for some suggestions here, any help will be appreciated.
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Posted 2016-10-03T21:44:17+0000  by AlleyCat67 AlleyCat67
Generally speaking these forums are for residential (and maybe light commercial) wiring and frankly I have no idea of the NEC even addresses something like an RV.  I have no experience with RV wiring and cannot tell you if service panel for residential use is suitable for an RV.  You might be better off asking your questions in a RV forum.

With that said and speaking of residential wiring, the rating of a service is panel is it's maximum rating and doesn't necessarily have to be used to full capacity.  The only caveat is that typically the greater the rating, the greater the size of the panel, allowing for more circuits, so it's important to to ensure that the loads don't exceed the supply.  It's kind of like the old joke, "how can I be out of money, I still have checks left."
Posted 2016-10-04T19:00:15+0000  by Adam444
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