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Radon mitigation / sump pump

I live in a partially below-ground finished basement of someone else's house. I have recently tested for radon and found the level to be elevated. There is a 2-foot deep sump pump pit in the basement that the homeowner says has not been used for over decade and the pump is not even plugged in. I have discussed radon mitigation with some professionals, who recommend sealing the pit with a cap and running a pipe through a hole in the exterior wall to an outdoor fan for venting out the air. However, the homeowner is weary of putting a new hole in their exterior wall and would prefer to just fill in the sump pump pit.

Would this be a reliable way of mitigating the radon? If so, what fill-in technique would you recommend? Complete concrete, sand, foam, plastic capping, combination, etc? Thanks

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Posted 2018-04-19T15:45:58+0000  by JoeD JoeD
Hello JoeD and welcome to the Community.

Radon gas is the # 2 cause of lung cancer after smoking and if you don't smoke it is the #1 cause.  Radon is not something you should Ignore.

There is no guarantee that filling the sump pit will improve the air quality at all.  The radon can be infiltrating from many other sources.  A system to allow the gas to be ejected, to the outside should be installed by a certified professional.  This should be a concern for both you and your property owner’s health.


Thank you for your inquiry and I sincerely hope you can get this resolved.



Posted 2018-04-19T17:33:22+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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