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Ralph Lauren Paint

I have painted my entire interior of my house with Ralph Lauren Paint, along with my husband's office. I was disappointed that you no longer carry this paint. Can I still get their colors using a different brand if I bring in the lid with the color mixture on it? Thanks Chris

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Posted 2011-05-17T23:17:52+0000  by kathy36 kathy36

I am looking for the color shown on your recent carpet commercial.  The paint colors I am looking for is the brown wall and cream trim.  There is a woman sitting on the floor in front on the brown wall picking out carpet or looking at the carpet.


Thank you


Posted 2012-07-13T15:59:55+0000  by menfallsmom



We think we have found the commercial you are referring to! Is this it?


Screen shot


Let us know and we will get back to you shortly,



Posted 2012-07-18T16:38:38+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I was wondering what the paint color is for the brown and also the paint color for the blue room that follows this in the same commercial (there is a blue couch, blue pillow, and blue walls.) 


Thanks so much! 



Posted 2012-08-01T21:53:06+0000  by brookeb2

You can now purchase the full line of Ralph Lauren Paint at Toys and Home, 419 W. Aurora Road, Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067. Open 7 days a week. Call Jackie at 330-908-3298.  They offer contractor discounts and shipping.

Posted 2012-08-28T18:15:11+0000  by JJohnson

This is the brown color I am looking for from that same commercial. Please let me know as soon as you can would like to start this project as soon as possible. Thanks!!

Posted 2012-09-28T00:32:00+0000  by angeladavidson

Hello Angela and Brooke!


Photographic lighting as well as the aperture setting on a camera lens and the display settings on your computer or television can significantly change the appearance of a color.


After looking carefully at the image in this thread, the closest Ralph Lauren color is VM93 English Tan.


If you need an example, your Paint Associate should be able to make a half-pint sample and the Ralph Lauren colors can be made in almost any paint we sell.


Brooke: I apologize, I don't have a visual reference for the blue color. Maybe another member of The Community who has seen the commercial will be able to help.

Posted 2012-10-02T13:44:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I had a paint shop go through 5 tries to replicate a Ralph Lauren paint color. In the end they got close but if wasn't the exact color,  There is no substitute for the real thing.

Posted 2013-01-05T16:26:36+0000  by Steve66

I have a name and number for a Ralph Lauren paint. If I take that to the Store, will it tell them the sheen?

Posted 2013-01-13T23:29:18+0000  by Billmuroswmuros

 Unfortunately, the Ralph Lauren name and number only references the color, not the sheen. If you have a sample of the paint, the Home Depot  associate can make an educated judgement as to which sheen was used. RL was available in a flat, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss, very similar to the Glidden paint line. Glidden was the manufacturer of the RL line.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-01-14T04:45:47+0000  by ordjen

QUESTION !! I am dying to get my hands on the metallic line of paint they had a great turqioiuse color would you also be able to replicate the metallic colors ?

Posted 2013-01-24T03:55:05+0000  by crystalvr1
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