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Need to get rid of rats have dogs and cat
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Posted 2012-08-25T14:12:39+0000  by mrowley2737 mrowley2737

Hey mrowley2737.


I have worked in the Home Depot store for 15 years now and I face this situation daily. I too have dogs and cats that can get into anything, so I understand the importance of not using poisons.


I have gotten the input from hundreds of customers over the years on this topic and experiences of my own. Here is the conclusion that we have come to.


glue traps.jpg

These glue traps work well for the first few mice or rats but eventually they will grow wise to them and take another route to get around them to prevent capture.

mouse trap.jpg

These are quite effective and ideal for the person who does not want to see the mouse. This trap wont get big rats but more like mice.

rat repellers.jpg

I have had good reviews and bad on these sonic pest repellents. These seem to do an ok job as long as you put plenty of them in the house and they wont hurt your dogs or cats ears, as they can't hear it.


rat trap1.jpgrat trap2.jpg

One sure fire way to kill those suckers is to put some peanut butter on these traps. These are "old school" traps that I used these as a kid and they work well but let me tell you to not put your fingers on the wrong side of these traps because they can break fingers and paws. Therefore, if you do use these, don't put them where your dogs or cats can get to them.


These are some of the more effective non-poison ways to get rid of rats and mice. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me back here on the community.

Posted 2012-08-26T15:41:21+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
There is no "repellent". The best thing is to limit the attractants. Sanitization is the key here. Keep everything clean and all food stuffs inside metal containers. For your pets, especially if you have outdoor pets, make sure animal feces is regularly cleanup up and disposed of. Rats will feed on it. The same goes fro animal food. Take up any uneaten food and be sure you get all of the crumbs as well. Make sure your trash containers have tight lids with no access and keep grass and underbrush cut down low to eliminate shelters for them.

If you live in an urban area where you control the attractants on your property but neighbors aren't helping you much by not doing the same, then you can get your local Health Department involved and they can come and talk to your neighbors and set community bait stations. Rat bait uses blood thinners so that they bleed to death internally. It would take a healthy animal eating 10-15 dead animals in a very short time to negatively affect their health, so it's relatively safe to use around pets.
Posted 2012-09-13T13:23:27+0000  by msrose
Every single double blind university study on "sonic" repellents have shown them to be completely useless. All "evidence" that they work is anecdotal only and thus suspect to reporting bias.
Posted 2012-09-13T13:25:20+0000  by msrose
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