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Re-do Kitchen cabinets

I am a total novice at handy work, but I want to (need to) redo the kitchen cabinets; 20+ year-old plain flat cabinet doors and hinges that have broken or screws have pulled out of the frame. I'd like to change the plain grey laminate on the doors to something a little more modern but don't want to buy all new cabinetry. Any suggestions on simple do-it-yourself ways to fix my problem? Can I just fill holes with wood putty and "reuse" or do I need to move location of hinge? The current doors have what I believe is called a bore-hole, which makes moving the hinge difficult. I am open to options and need some advice. Thanks!
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Posted 2011-02-26T20:45:06+0000  by mcmud2000 mcmud2000

I want to welcome you to the community – thanks for stopping by.


There are so many directions you could go with in perusing a kitchen cabinet revival project. The two top suggestions I would recommend would be:


  1. Adding a decorative trim frame to the face of the doors.
             Linen with Chocolate Glaze-Poplar-Shaker with MiterTrim3.jpg
  • Select a trim style you like.Group04.jpg
  • Cut all the corners with a miter saw (45° angles)00936317000.jpg
  • Nail or glue to the surface.010675001_181048_web_425H_425W.jpg

Caulk the joints and edges.


2.     Transform the color of your cabinets.

  • Use the RUST-OLEUM Cabinet Transformations kit.Rust oleum cabinets.jpg
  • Go the traditional route of the sand/prime/paint process.

         Changing out the knob and handle hardware will put the final touches on the whole project. It will give the feel of a brand new kitchen and cost a fraction of what it would be to replace all the cabinets.

As far as the loose hinges go; try changing the screws out for slightly longer ones. This will allow the screws to grab new wood from the frame. Measure the thickness of the frame to ensure that the screws will not go all the way through to the other side.


The best part about this is saying… “I did it myself”


Posted 2011-02-27T15:48:46+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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