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Re-key for front door lock required?

How big is the chance that I am buying two new front door lock with identical keys???
I needed to replace two lock yesterday so I went to the Home Depot and bought 2 new Schlage locks. At home I saw that they have identical keys. Now I am wondering if they all come with the same key and that I need to request a re-key for both of the locks. 
I like the fact of needing one key for both locks only, but I am wondering if all locks come with the same key by default and that this is making it easier for burglars to get into my house? I believe it was a coincident only as I do not believe a vendor would do that, but I am hoping to get peace of mind by posting here.
Any advice is highly appreciated!
Thanks a lot!
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Posted 2015-04-05T20:03:51+0000  by JoHi JoHi
Hello Josl.  Welcome to the Community!

No worries.

What the lock makers do is match the keys for door locks within any particular case of product, (usually 4 per case).
When lock sets are packaged in a case of 6 or 12, then there will be sets of 3 or 4 that use the same key.
If you open another case of the same locks, they will also have matching keys, but will be different from the first case.

It is very common for customers to want new locks for the front, back and maybe also a garage service door which all operate using the same key.  

Why will this not become a problem?  Let's look at what happens:

You go to the store and buy 2 locks, both which use the same key. Let's just say the pins are 1-3-7-9-6, and in that order.
The next day, another customer buys the other 2 locks left from that same case of 4.
Both of you now will use the same key to unlock your doors.
Neither of you know each other.  Every other case of locks, no matter what the type, style, color, etc. uses different key pins.
Even the case of the exact same lock which sat behind the one you bought from, and is now available for sale will use a different key pattern.
Because of that only you and your unknown neighbor who lives somewhere within a few miles could possibly unlock the doors to both your homes.

A potential burglar would have to carry around thousands of keys, all made just for Schlage locks, just to have a chance at having the right one for your home.  If that burglar wanted to get into the house next to yours which is secured with Kwikset brand locks, then thousands more keys, made for Kwikset cylinders would be needed.  That's why you don't need to worry about re-keying your locks.



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Posted 2015-04-07T14:48:00+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Hi Josl,

All new lock sets come with a key code on the package, the code is used to match the locks for those who want two locks keyed the same. In your case you by chance choose two lock sets with the same key code.

You may return one and choose another lock with a different code or keep the lock sets you have. There is no way for anyone to know what the key code to your locks are, as there are thousands of combinations.

So not to worry, no thief will try the door anyway, they know it is locked. Thieves enter through a window usually on the side or rear of the house where they can't be seen from the street.

Posted 2015-04-06T16:33:36+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello Josl.  Welcome to the Community!

For what's worth, if you had purchased the Kwikset brand locks with the SmartKey feature, you would be able to re-key as many locks as you like provided all of the locks are Kwikset and have the Smartkey slot next to the keyhole. 

Re-keying SmartKey video

Posted 2015-04-16T20:25:12+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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