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Re-painting painted wood

Hello, I recently purchased a coffee table at a thrift store that has painted legs. The paint on the legs is chipped, and I want to repaint them but do not know how to get started. What kind of paint should I use (i.e. spray paint, and what finish?), and is there any kind of prep work I should do first or would it be okay just to paint over the existing color?



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Posted 2013-09-14T20:20:01+0000  by katie712 katie712



Assuming you can find a suitable color and sheen , spray cans can give a very fine finish which is hard to duplicate with a brush. Preparation is merely cleaning the surface, giving it a "scuff sanding" with 220 grit sandpaper, and paint. Since you only intend to do the legs, you will want to mask off the top and any areas which are not to be painted. You might find it easier to turn the coffee table upside down. This will make the legs more accessible and further protect the top from overspray.


Rust-Oleum's 2Xs spray  paint is self-priming. Any place that wood has been laid bare, you will want to spot prime with the paint itself.


When spraying verticle surfaces, it is easy to gets runs in the paint. You can lessen this tendency by giving the legs a very quick, light coat of paint, waiting a couple minutes for it to get tacky, and then spraying on a generous flowing coat of paint. The tackiness of the first coat will help keep the following coat from running.


Pay attention to the re-coating time frame. Rust-Oleum wants additional coats to be within one hour of the preceding coat. Otherwise, you should wait 48 hours. This is to prevent the paint from wrinkling as the coats are drying  at different rates.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-09-15T04:38:46+0000  by ordjen
remove all lose paint then sand with 120 grit then 220 grit if the chipped paint has an uneven surface the repair will always show so make sure its smooth then prime with kills water based to seal wood the kills is good for most every thing around the house so buy a small one and seal it good for next time obviously clean up chips and dust as you go work outside if you can take your time dont rush enjoy your project and your table read instructions on can use water based if its indoors buy a decent brush clean ALL the paint off it and you can keep it for next time ctluke
Posted 2013-09-16T00:43:21+0000  by ctluke
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