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Re-potting Phalaenopsis Orchids

Today, one of the most popular indoor plants is an Orchid.  The Phalaenopsis is the easiest Orchid to care for and may bloom for several months.  In many cases, Orchids are replacing cut flowers simply for the longevity of the blooms and the ease of care.

  • Low- Moderate Light (Indirect)
  • Water only when the plant feels almost dry- avoid over watering
  • Mist for added humidity
  • Fertilize with Orchid fertilizer
  • Has the ability to bloom 1-2 times per year
  • Blooms may last over 90 days
  • Re-pot approximately every two year in an Orchid Mix – not regular potting soil
  • Orchid Repotting KitOrchid Repotting.jpg   




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Posted 2012-02-14T16:41:53+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS Jen_HD_BOS