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Re: replacing framing around a front entry door that has been damaged from a leak



I am trying to replace framing around a front door entry that has been damaged from water. The front door is hard to close all the way,especially when it is raining and cold. It is in a mobile home,and it is for my mother in law. I need help asap!!!!




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Posted 2013-02-27T14:36:11+0000  by lleonardo lleonardo
Hello lleonardo!

What you are experiencing is very common.

You said, "The front door is hard to close, especially when it is raining and cold."


1) If the door is wood, inspect and identify the surfaces that are sticking.

Remove the door from the hinges and plane the sticking surfaces until the door swings freely.

Apply three coats of exterior-rated polyurethane to the repaired surfaces, allow to dry, and reinstall the door.


2) If the door is metal, inspect the door frame where the door is sticking.

Remove the threshold and any trim boards found to be swollen from moisture.

Reconstruct the framing boards if damaged or swollen and reassemble the frame, trim and threshold.

Inspect the door for sticking surfaces and adjust until your metal door fits snug.

Use silicone rubber caulk to build a water tight seal around all repaired surfaces and then paint or seal the new frame.

Thresholds are the most common source of sticking ... particularly wooden doors and thresholds on rainy days.

Replacement thresholds and trim are available at your local store.

All metal doors and frames are typically mounted to wood.

In some cases, tightening the mounting screws will improve door performance.

If not, the door and frame may have to be removed to repair the wood frame behind the metal.
Posted 2015-06-02T17:15:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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