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Re-staining exterior board n batten wood shutters: Can I re-stain & seal while still mounted-brick?

Can I re-stain & seal while still mounted on brick house?  If so, how?

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Posted 2013-11-02T04:45:37+0000  by ross0406 ross0406




The main problem with doing shutters in place is not dripping the light bodied stain all over the brick. If possible, the best procedure is to remove the shutters. Removing them also allows you to coat the back side. Many types of brick are very porous and capable of passing moisture into the wood from the backside.


However, if they must be done in place, try to drape some plastic underneath to catch the drips. Often a little 2 inch masking tape can be worked under the edges to prevent you from accidentally hitting the brick. Don't forget to stain the top edge of the shutter. This is particularly important because the upper edges of the boards  are end grain wood. Water is particularly able to penetrate deep into the wood through end grain.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-02T13:42:41+0000  by ordjen
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