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Rebuilding Kitchen Drawers

I need to rebuild my kitchen drawers.  I have the measurements of each piece I need to do so. Does Home Depot cut to order pieces of wood??  I do not have more than the basic tools (hammer, pliers, screwdriver - NO POWER TOOLS!) but I have looked at the drawers I need to rebuild and it looks simple enough IF I HAVE WOOD CUT TO ORDER. Is that possible at HD??

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Posted 2012-03-18T18:14:34+0000  by jobo2mi jobo2mi

Hello:smileyhappy:  Nice to see you on the community.


   Each Home Depot is unique in that not all provide wood cutting services (most do).  Check with your Home Depot's building materials department to see what type of saws they have and what type of cuts they do.  Some stores will charge a small fee for several cuts, but you will find that if you are purchasing wood they usually will cut for free.


   Drawers are somewhat tricky to assemble... Most will have a channel at the bottom of the frame where a board slides in in.  This gives added support to the structure and stability.  This guide channel will be the part that will have to be done with a special tool.  A router or a dado blade on a saw is usually what is used to cut the channel. 




   If you feel that this step is not an option and you still want to custom build a drawer..Try building a lip around the inside base of the frame and attaching the bottom board on top of it.  A last resort option would be to just nail the bottom board to the frame. Keep in mind that this will limit the amount of weight the drawer can handle and might possibly come loose as it is being used.


Hope this helps.



Posted 2012-03-19T13:33:15+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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