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Receptacle at well head

How is a 110 receptacle wired at the well head starting from the wiring of a 2-wire/ground submersible pump?


Our plumber said it was possible to use the 2-wire/ground wires coming from the service panel for the submersible pump to power a 110 v receptacle. I need the receptacle at the wellhead to power heat tapes for the pipe that is above ground.

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Posted 2014-01-20T21:10:28+0000  by Bass45Clef Bass45Clef

You might want to think about using an electrician for electrical work. :smileywink:


I'm assuming that the pump is 240 volts.  If so, there's no way legal way to get 120 volt receptacle out of that.  A 240 volt circuit is two hots and a ground.  A 120 volt circuit is hot, neutral, and ground.  You'd be missing the neutral.  Now you could use the ground as a neutral and your heat tape will get hot but it's not legal and more importantly safe.


How hard would it be to run new wire/cable from the service panel to the well head?

Posted 2014-01-21T01:46:35+0000  by Adam444

Thank you for your quick reply.


I tried using the bare ground wire coming from the main panel as a neutral. I also drove an 8' grounding rod very near the receptacle and used it to ground both the receptacle box and the ground connection on the receptacle. With this "solution" there wasn't enough voltage at the receptacle to light a 60 watt bulb. My tester reads that there is a small amount of voltage present. Oddly, the pump is cycling on and off with no apparent difficulty. It's a puzzlement!


The well head is only about 30' from our garage, which is wired for 100 amps. However, there probably isn't enough room for a machine to dig the trench necessary, so I think I'd have to dig it by hand. Not my favorite choice.


The pump is 240 volts, as you surmised.


Looks like I've got some digging to do. So what am I doing diddling around on a blog?


Posted 2014-01-22T22:00:21+0000  by Bass45Clef

Using the grounding conductor (equipment ground) as the grounded conductor (neutral) is a BAD idea.  There's a reason it doesn't meet code and remember that the code if often modified after someone dies.


Assuming you can use UF-B you only have to bury it 12" IF you GFCI protect it before it leaves the garage.  You're limited to 20 amps, 120v but that's more than enough for your heat tape.  Sleeve it with a little non-metallic conduit for physical protection as it comes out of the ground in case you get crazy with the weed whacker.

Posted 2014-01-23T03:22:28+0000  by Adam444
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