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Recessed Can Light Repair

Can the porcelain socket in a Halo H7 recessed fixture be replaced?  The copper tab at the bottom of the socket has broken and no longer contacts the bulb base.

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Posted 2012-08-18T03:11:46+0000  by urbanarch urbanarch

Hey urbanarch.


Those porcelain sockets can be replaced but I couldn't find them at They are probably available on other sites, but if you can't find them then I might recommend going to the store and buying another can and taking it out of it and putting it in your existing can, for it would still be easier than yanking the whole can out of the ceiling and only cost you around 8 or 10 bucks.


These can lights have a recommendation as to certain wattages to not exceed. Bigger bulbs will burn hotter and can sometimes damage these sockets. Then again they can break after several years just from age. I recommend not exceeding the wattage and if more light is needed, going with the compact fluorescent.


I'm Greengiant. Hit me back here if you have any other questions. Thanks

Posted 2012-08-19T17:46:21+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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