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Recessed Halogen Light

I have what I think are two recessed halogen lights in my kitchen that the previous owners installed. They look like these but I am not certain since I have no paperwork/manual on them. I have two questions. First, how do I change the light bulb. The bulb sits so deep in the recessed light that I can't even grab it. Second, these are not providing enough light and I was thinking about converting them to pendent lights. Will your recessed light to pendant lit kits work? Or is the socket going to be different?



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Posted 2013-06-19T20:21:08+0000  by 123456 123456

The fixture you linked to uses a MR16 halogen lamp with a GU10 base.  It looks like this:



Basically you gently pull down the whole trim ring assembly.  The lamp is held is place with little clips.  To remove the lamp from the socket, push in gentle and turn it slightly counterclockwise.  It will then pull out.

Posted 2013-06-20T00:02:15+0000  by Adam444
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