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How far away should I space my 4 in lights? The room is 22 by 17 ft. Thank you!
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Posted 2013-06-18T01:16:46+0000  by Amandajabs Amandajabs

Well...there isn't an exact answer.  It depends on several factors, including the type of lamp you plan on using in the fixture, how high your ceiling is, and more importantly how the area you are lighting is being used.  The lighting requirements in, say, a living room are a lot different than those in a kitchen.  My personal preference is to "over light" a room and then use dimmers, especially with can lights.  The problem with can lights is that it's hard to add more once you spaced them and for it not to look silly.

Posted 2013-06-18T02:27:56+0000  by Adam444

Oh, and I forgot to add, your age.  As silly as it sounds, that's important because older people tend to require more light for a given task than younger people.  If memory serves it's on the order of 25% more.

Posted 2013-06-18T02:30:04+0000  by Adam444
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