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Recording Light Project

Hey everyone! I thought I would ask some advice on something. I am currently going to school for TV and Film. I also am the student suprivisor for the student studios. One thing I found glaring me in the face is that there is no "Now Recording light"  Im getting more into the electrical side of movie and tv and was wondering how I should approch this project. I dont think I can get wire from circuts due to the walls are concreate. I was thinking just one red bulb with a swtich. Any suggestions?

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Posted 2012-10-16T18:18:48+0000  by Tayter57 Tayter57

Hello Tayter57.  Welcome to the Community!


While professional grade units can get pretty pricey, a simple red bulb on a lamp with a switch should be easy enough.  You will need to have a power source on the outside of the studio where the light will be located.  If you can swing this then the problem boils down to switching the light without access to direct wiring.


There are remote control switches available for just this purpose.  You can get a remote switch that looks like either a remote control or a standard wall switch.  Using batteries, these remotes can control a receiver mounted outside the studio that actuates the light fixture.

Remote Switch.jpg


In commercial buildings wiring is typically run through conduit.  It may be possible for you to arrange to have an electrician install direct wiring, even though the walls are concrete.  In any event, this wireless solution only requires a wall outlet outside the studio.


Does this fall in line with what you want to do?  Let us know if this might work for you.






Posted 2012-10-16T20:26:14+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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