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Recycle plastic pots

Is recycling used plastic pots a corporate policy or an option at store level?  I tried to return used pots at the Northdale store in Tampa, FL yesterday and was told they did not accept used pots. The garden center cashier looked totally shocked that I would even be asking and that she had worked there for five years and they had never accepted used plastic pots. 
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Posted 2015-07-05T14:36:24+0000  by Jdog Jdog

Hello Jdog and welcome to the Community.

I applaud your efforts to be green as you look for a way to recycle your plastic pots.  Home Depot has some recycling programs like compact florescent light bulbs and certain types of batteries but unfortunately we do not have a program for plastic products.  Many communities have general recycling programs that accepts cardboard, glass, metals and plastic?  Check with your local waste company to see if they will accept your plant pots.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Posted 2015-07-07T14:12:24+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
So then this response from Home Depot staff (saying "The Home Depot does have a return, and re-cycle pot program during garden season, May through October.")  is incorrect?

Posted 2017-06-10T16:40:37+0000  by jhfrontz
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