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Recycling bin

Back in 2001, after a really hard week at work, I found myself wandering around Home Depot's tools area (I find it always helps to cheer me up - it's like a big boys toy department).  During this time, the thought of building a cabinet to manage our reycling inside the house came to mind.  So I purchased a table saw, a 3/4" sheet of sanded plywood, some lengths of aluminum angle, a piano hinge, and a couple of 3/4" quarter round sticks.  My design was simple; width and height proportional to 1 standard paper shopping bag, long enough for 5 bags.  I used a 2" hole saw to cut two holes in the top and joined the holes with a jig saw & wood rasp to make a handle.  The aluminum angle was cut with a hack saw and used internally for structure.  After assembling the chest, I stained the flat surfaces before cutting and gluing the quarter-round in place.  Then I added a few coats of clear finish to the entire unit.


Not only has it been usefull as a way to keep recycling sorted inside the house (beats taking everything out to the detached garage in the rain), but it is sturdy enough and the right height to sit on while putting on shoes/boots.  I have  even found one of my son's friends asleep on it one morning after they had an all-night party.


Here are the pictures:




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Posted 2010-12-20T18:33:32+0000  by GrueMaster GrueMaster

Pretty cool! 


Next should be like a garage or something (more tools):smileyvery-happy:


Keep up the good work and thanks for the pics - we love pics.

Posted 2010-12-20T18:39:00+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Great way to sort recycling! 

Posted 2011-02-08T21:17:27+0000  by zokadesigns
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