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Red indicator (pilot?) light near breaker panel

Anyone have an idea of what this light near my breaker panel is for? Its usually solid red or rapidly blinking. I've seen some pictures of pilot lights that look similar but its nowhere near any of the gas appliances so not sure it makes sense for it to be that.

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Posted 2017-07-30T01:07:47+0000  by vinter vinter
I haven't see anything like that before.  I could see the light being on or off but the blinking doesn't make sense, unless the light itself is starting to go.  The quickest solution might be to try and track the wires and see where they go.
Posted 2017-07-30T10:07:50+0000  by Adam444

I didn't realize at first your post about the vent fan and this light were from the same person.  Now I'm thinking this light is the indicator light for that fan.  Who knows why, as I said people do all kind of weird things.  What I would suspect is that white wire coming out of the fan goes to this indicator light and that is a problem in and of itself because that type of wire probably isn't rated for the way it's being used.

I would definitely disconnect power to the fan.

Posted 2017-07-30T10:29:07+0000  by Adam444
Your right it is connected to the fan, shut off the breaker and light went out. Not sure why I didn't notice that before.

Posted 2017-07-30T14:12:01+0000  by vinter
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