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Redoing driveway in paver stones

I would like to rip out the old  asphalt driveway and install paver stones.I live in the NE and the driveway is about15 feet wide by 40 feet long.


 couple of questions:

What would be the optimal type of paver that would be durable  for cars of corse that is  good with keep its color over time.


Would cobble stones cemented in be the best border or is there a paver option?


Im  a union roofer and do most all things DYI from tile work to carpentry to what ever i think i can handle so a project this big would not be out of my realm ...but if can offer any good advice that may overlook feel free to suggest.



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Posted 2011-04-07T02:01:14+0000  by bigdawgz bigdawgz

Greetings and welcome to our community!


My name is Tom, known here as HD 116 and this is a project close to my heart. Designing and building a new driveway is not only a lot of fun, but the end result can be breathtaking. Interweaving pavers and mixing stones or colors can create a grand entrance that is a work of art.


The following site has a great gallery which can give you some ideas on transforming your existing asphalt driveway to the envy of the neighborhood.


There is a buying guide that Pavestone has through our website which can be found here;


They also have a great brochure that is available in stores that also has ideas. Nantucket Pavers is also in your market, but in speaking with them they do not have a product that is available for a driveway application.


I also would like to emphasize that this project is about a 6 on the DIY difficulty scale, but with the right prep work materials and equipment you will be fine. Just do your homework first and bear in mind that it is critical to have a good foundation for the stones no matter what type you choose. I will share the following video which although is from the UK, is a good overview of the process.


Hope that helps and wish you the best on your project.

Posted 2011-04-07T14:08:48+0000  by HD116

I have a concrete driveway approx 20 ft X 100 Ft and a concrete patio approx 25ft X 35 ft. and both the driveway

and patio are cracking.  Can pavers be succesfully installed over concrete?



Posted 2012-03-12T01:54:20+0000  by ERB
@ERB My folks just recently redid their (cracked concrete) driveway w/ pavers. It really looks great!

Their landscaping guy told them it was necessary to bust up and remove the remaining concrete. I would imagine this is true, but I can't see why anyone would want to leave the cracking (read - potentially unstable) foundation for the pavers in place.
Posted 2012-04-10T05:23:39+0000  by medicineman360

here is a quick bullet list of what is necessary to install pavers and pavingstones properly on a driveway or patio


hope this helps

Posted 2012-07-31T14:56:47+0000  by pickerboy1369
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