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Reducing Marine Paint

How do you reduce Rust-oleum  Marine  Boat Bottom  Antifouling Paint ?  what can be used as reducer and what proportion.  I have a quart it says will cover 100 sq. '  I am painting complete bottom and outside of 12' metal boat.  Any advice? 

Proably use brush. 

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Posted 2013-06-26T16:06:26+0000  by jblakeogd jblakeogd

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Rust-Oleum says that thinning this product is not required unless you are planning on spraying this paint. Typically thinning any paint will ruin the integrity of the paint. Thinning will also shorten the life span of the paint. I would highly recommend using this product at full strength. That way you can get as much life out if it as possible. I would hate for you to have to repaint your boat soon. :smileywink:


Using a sprayer, paint brush or roller is recommended for applying this product.


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Posted 2013-06-26T16:49:52+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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