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Reface a brick fireplace

Dear H Dep Community,


We have a red brick fireplace (natural gas) in our family room (vaulted ceiling) and the brick goes all the way to the ceiling. The brick is extremely faded and is in desperate need of a makeover and I thought I would reface the whole thing with a veneer brick. I would be grateful for any suggestions/advice/tips you could provide and any info on materials that might be available from Home Depot for such a project.





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Posted 2011-09-19T15:46:58+0000  by Paddy77 Paddy77

Home depot sells cultured stone that you can apply over the existing brick. You can also install thin brick  but home depot does not sell it

Posted 2011-09-19T16:17:20+0000  by vinniekaz

Hello again :robothappy:


Paddy I’ve got a couple suggestions here that I wanted to chime in with, hopefully you will find some of them useful.


Have you thought about sandblasting yet? 


It’s not a friendliest method and cleanest method to use inside you home but it is definitely something that may bring that old brick back to life. I’m assuming what you have there is a single wythe solid brick installation?


If you own a pressure washer you may use one of these " target="_blank">kits to convert to a sandblaster;

  " target="_blank">Sandblasting Kit.jpg" target="_blank">sandblasting.jpg



If you decide to go with a refacing option keep in mind that refacing it’s only advisable over a solid brick. Refacing with veneer over an existing veneer it’s really not a best installation practice.

Further, to successfully adhere veneer over a solid brick you would need to make sure that  existing brick its clean and untreated and also  that the same brick is skim coated with type S mortar in combination with the bonding agent prior to installation, see attached picture;



You may find in your research that skim coating it’s not really necessary over a masonry wall installation but from my experience I would strongly recommended.

Once the wall is "scratch" coated give it last 24 hours for mortar to bond and cure properly before installation.

Prior to installation invest in some masonry tolls.

Must " target="_blank"> tools to have for clean and neat installation with this type of work are;



" target="_blank">tools.JPG



Chalk line, long level ,tuck pointing tool and  joiner, brick trowel, brush, grout bag, dust mask, hammer, flat chisel, mixing tub, notched trowel and a circular saw or grinder with a diamond blade.


During installation, you said that brick goes all the way to the ceiling, don’t go over a 12-15 rows a day (4 feet), drop in corners first and work your way towards the middle. Also step back after 2-3 rows and try to keep brick equally staggered.


You have an option of dry stack or joint installation.

First don’t use acrylic fortifier or bonding adhesive with this installation.

With joint installation it is imperative to keep joints and surrounding stone clean during installation. Wait for 5-10 min until mortar start to dry and brush it off with a stiff brush. Note that if you brush too soon you will spread uncured mortar over the face of the stone and you will have a beast to clean up afterwards, wait until mortar starts curing and it loses some of water.


With dry stack it is imperative to keep stones leveled and that mortar used has bonding additive added to substitute for the loss of joints.


Going back now to " target="_blank">veneer stone over a hollow surface installation;

Like mentioned I’m almost certain that you have a solid brick wall especially because you said that it’s going all the way to the ceiling, but if that’s not the case post back and I will explain that type of installation as well.

In short you would have to expose studs and install cement base underlayment or steel lath over plywood sheathing to create friendly surface for installation.


Hope this helps and good luck with your projects.










Posted 2011-09-20T20:32:10+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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