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Refinish laminate counter top

I am thinking of using the RustOleum countertop refinishing kit to spruce up my laminate kitchen counter top.  The existing counter top has a standard 90 degree edge on it and I was wondering if I can round that edge using a router and rounding bit to obtain a more decorative edge without doing any damage.


Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!!





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Posted 2012-08-29T01:20:12+0000  by S_m_i_k_e S_m_i_k_e




I don't see any reason why this could not be done. However, if the counter is to be done in place, you will not be able to round off close to walls due to the radius distance of the router base. Also, make sure you use a carbide router bit. A normal bit will only last a few feet when incountering MDF substate. Encountering a nail or screw will immediately ruin either type bit.

Posted 2012-09-01T20:04:18+0000  by ordjen
You'll chip the laminate with the router and expose the particle board substrate. That will be a different texture than the smooth top as it's not high grade woodworkable particle board. It's coarse and low quality.

Really, your best bet is to replace it with stock counters. It will look better, and it will certainly wear better than trying to paint plastic. That is at best a very short term fix.
Posted 2012-09-13T13:10:00+0000  by msrose


The raw particle board exposed could certainly be built up to a smooth surface. Further, the Rustoleum granite look countertop system is a "high build" product which would conceal minor roughness.

Posted 2012-09-13T15:59:55+0000  by ordjen
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