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Refinishing a garden tub w/Martha's Metallic Lamp Black

Hello people of Home Depot,

I was in my local Beaumont store today and was taken with the Lamp Black variety of the Martha Stewart Metallic paint line - I bought enough to re-surface a garden tub that I want a bit of a hand-hammered/gothic look to it. The tub will be installed in my soon-to-be-ready outdoor shower (We live out in the woods and spend a lot of time working outdoors and camping)


Will someone here recommend to me the best/most appropriate clear coat for this paint. I read that I need a water-based primer - can I get one in black, or do I get a white primer tinted with black?


Also, can someone here recommend a roller or particular brush that could give me perhaps a dimpled or hand-hammered effect?


Thank you, and I LOVE your stores!


Carl from Texas

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Posted 2012-12-18T03:13:33+0000  by CarlC CarlC

Now that I think about it, I'm not so much going for hand hammered or dimpled, I'm simply looking for a little bit of texture instead of a plain, flat, smooth surface. Thanks!

Posted 2012-12-18T03:17:53+0000  by CarlC

Hello CarlC!


Glad to know you love your Beaumont store! Kudos to your Associates!


There are several items we should discuss before beginning your project.


Martha's products are typically "interior only" and are not suitable for exposure to ultraviolet light or high moisture. In addition, her water-based paints would require a water-based clear coat and none are presently available for use outside.


So, what you might do is go back to The Store and select from Rust-Oleum's Hammered Paint in black. These oil-based products are suitable for outdoor and periodic exposure to moisture.


Rust-Oleum Hammered Black.jpg


Oil-based primer typically sticks to almost any surface without sanding. Since you didn't say what type material your tub is made, I'd suggest reading the instructions carefully and making certain you can use an oil primer. You might also check with both manufacturers (paint and tub) for their suggestions.


Rust-Oleum's product contains an emulsion very similar to Martha's metallic series. This emulsion makes their product dry with a hammered texture without using any special applicator or technique.

Texture Roller Cover.jpg However, should you want to create unique texture, after priming try this:

1) Apply black hammered paint with a 3/8 nap roller or good-quality synthetic bristle brush;

2) After approximately one-fourth of the dry-time, use the textured, plastic loop texture roller to "pick up" the finish;

3) Make long, flowing strokes the length of the exposed surface (if possible) to create continuous pattern;

4) Overlap strokes only one-fourth inch to create fewer "seams" in your pattern;

4) Hold a terry towel in your opposite hand and wipe the roller off regularly to prevent paint build-up;

5) Do not go back over the pattern ... after the first pass, allow it to dry fully (four- to six-hours); and

6) If needed, apply a second coat.


NOTE: Your primer should be tinted or purchased in a dark gray color that will provide a dark base for your black paint.

Rust-oleum's Hammered Paint do not require a clear coat ... there is have a protective sheen built into the product.

However, you could use an exterior, oil-based clear coat if you wish.


FINALLY: Your tub project is unique and I love the idea!

Please take time to come back and post photos as well as your best product tips when done.

Your experience will be very valuable to other members of The Community!

Posted 2012-12-18T15:36:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi Pat,

Thank you very much for the advice. I am going to keep the 2 tubs of the black paint I bought and will use it for something else, but I'm definitely going to get the RustOleum in black hammered that you recommended. I have about a week more on the roof and floor to do, but I'll get the tub done soon and will come back to post some photos.

Thanks Pat!

Carl from Texas

Posted 2012-12-20T02:25:58+0000  by CarlC

Fantastic Carl!


You might test both the hammered look straight out of the can as well as adding texture with the loop nap roller cover before beginning the full project.


Personally, I think the hammered look will provide a clean, professional finish.


If you choose extra texture, be sure to apply the loop roller soon after application ... before the surface begins to gel. After the surface gels, it would probably only make a mess.


Thanks for the kudos!


I can't wait to see your results!!!

Posted 2012-12-20T18:24:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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