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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

Refresh Your Holiday Decor with Silver and Gold Spray Paint

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Silver and Gold…… New Beginnings


I have recently sold my big, old, drafty, house in Boston and I have down sized into a house of less than half the size just outside the city.


The move was rough and all consuming; the packing up of over twenty years of memories and the stuff that is generated by a family of five was overwhelming. Finding cards from the kids, and elementary school papers that were worthy of being posted on the refrigerator, and disposing of them was a bit heartbreaking.


Lego's, Beanie Babies, Barbie’s, American Girls dolls, vintage Ninja Turtles and Ghost Buster action figure all surface from closet corners.


Choosing what to keep, what to trash, and what to donate was a daunting task.


“It is all about new beginnings” my youngest daughter told me, “keep only the things that you really want, and that really matter to you”….everything matters, I thought, but I just will not have the space to bring it all with me.


Fresh and new is my mind set for moving out, moving on, and moving into my tiny house. As I unpack the boxes of old goods into my new place, I feel the need to refresh some old things. I have a lot of old gold and brass tone picture frames and candle sticks that are perfectly good and perfectly functional, but I feel that an update and new finish would be great.

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I un-wrapped the newspaper from around all the lovely gold tone candle stick holders and small golden urns, then lined them up for a fresh coat and a new beginning!

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I selected the Hammered Silver spray paint because it was is more of matte tone silver, as opposed to the straight up glitzy shiny silver.

I proceed to spray all the pieces and then let them dry.

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When I later looked at all the pieces, freshly coated in their “new beginnings” silver wear, I sort of missed the old gold tone…..maybe I am just not ready to give up all of the old, and surrender to everything new?    Why not mix the two, I thought.

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With a sanding sponge I rubbed some random spots of silver and it revealed the old gold, allowing the two tones to harmonize, the old and the new to warm the pieces and I have to say it helped my sentimental state of mind.

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Giving away, and saying goodbye to so many things, (even though they were inanimate objects), they all had some sentiment attached to them, parting was not easy.

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By mixing the gold with the silver and seeing how well they blend, makes the fusion of the past and the present a perfect one!

Do you have something you would like to renew, or give a fresh look too? Stop by your local Home Depot and see all the amazing colors of spray paint that are available to reinvent, refresh, and renew, your things.

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Silver and gold and new beginnings and reinventing…for me for now it’s all about transition, combining old and new and enjoying every new, exciting moment!

There are some things that will always remain gold, and never need to change!

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Wishing a sparkling season of silver and gold, joy, happiness and good health to one and all!







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Posted 2015-12-10T14:22:09+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS Maureen_HD_BOS
Written like a professional author. You should be writing for magazines too. Reading your post just draws you into your experiences. Well done Maureen!! Well done!!
Posted 2015-12-22T02:30:42+0000  by Grow2girl
Beautifully decorated crafts. I love every single piece. What a lovely work.
Source: BKM Office
Posted 2015-12-24T11:19:30+0000  by Arslan
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