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Refrigerator Cooling Mistery

My Samsung french door fridge freezer and fridge stopped cooling properly 1 week ago. Freezer was set to -14F and would stay at 79F and fridge set to 34 and would not go below 48F. I removed the power on the back and waited minutes to reset the fridge several times but nothing helped. Called service which mentioned it was probably a Freon/Coil leak (fridge is not even 5y). Also had to replace my central AC which coincidentally stopped working this week and was out of warranty.  Also called the energy company to check if everything was ok with my electricity line. They removed the external meter and put it back on, did a spot check and everything was ok from their end (today while the new AC was being installed).


Mistery: After the new AC gets installed and after this Electric Company did this spot check my fridge misteriously seems to have started working properly again!! Fridge has now reached 36F and Freezer just went below 0F. Anyone has any clue what may have happened?   My only guess is magic! (lol)

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Posted 2018-07-06T11:51:47+0000  by roreb13 roreb13
Hello roreb13.  Welcome to the Community!

My guess is that last week your electric company caused a brown-out in your area.  Brown-outs are times when the supply voltage drops.  Low voltage is really hard on motors.  It appears that your refrigerator coped with the problem without sustaining damage, while your central air unit did not.

Just my 2¢


Posted 2018-07-06T14:21:07+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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