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Regal Rhubarb

Gurney's Rhubarb Crimson Red (Bare Root)


The giant leaves of the rhubarb plant dwarf any other plant by far, and that is exactly where rhubarb needs to be planted, far, far away from any other plants. Rhubarb has a massive root system that clumps and spreads well beyond the shade cover that its leaves provide; and did you know that the rhubarb leaves are poisonous, as well as the roots?

The thick, green-ruby, celery like stalks are the only edible part of the plant, and to make the stalks palatable they must be boil and simmered with sugar or honey until tender. All the real effort goes into the tasks to make the plant edible, the growing and nurturing of the plant is, basically, effortless.

The few requirement to grow rhubarb are space, well-drained soil, and time- patience that is, more sun in the cooler climates and a bit more shade in the southern regions. That is it!

Plant rhubarb once, in the right conditions, and it will return forevermore. Rhubarb is an old-fashioned favorite; it is used in recipes for jams and jellies, pies and cobblers. I have recently found a strawberry-rhubarb yogurt that is distinctively different and delicious; there is a tang to the fruit like no other. 

Rhubarb is a perennial fruit, the crop does not have to be rotated, it is best after the third year of planting, much like asparagus.

The yield at harvest can be great even if you do not put any effort into the growing and maintenance of the garden giant. Rhubarb is a very giving plant, it can be made into syrup, and it can be frozen to use in winter pies, this really is a special fruit, it is like royalty in the garden.

I had the most delicious rhubarb chutney on my toast while in Ireland at a B&B; it was made right on site at the B&B and harvested from kitchen garden just steps from the front door, scrumptious! The inn keeper told me she is able to harvest the fruit almost all year because of the mild weather, the chutney is an inn favorite.

Plant rhubarb from a root start or a clump that you get from a friend or neighbor, just invest some well drained space and a bit of time and the rhubarb will return like an old friend year after year.



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