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Reinstall drive chain onto garage door opener

My drive chain came off of my garage door opener. How do i reinstall the chain back onto the gear in the correct spot for the door to cycle properly?

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Posted 2013-08-05T16:38:18+0000  by jconway jconway

Hi jconway,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.  


If your chain has come off the track and has unhooked from the sprocket, you may have a little too much slack in the chain.  Before you re-install the chain, you will want to be sure that the motor is in the “Closed” position. 


To determine which cycle you garage door motor is in, you will need to:


  1. Stand behind the garage door opener and face the garage door.  It will help if you are standing on a ladder so that you will be able to see the sprocket.
  2.  Press the remote control.  You want to see the sprocket spin clockwise.  This will bring it to the closed position.   
  3. Reposition the trolley and the chain over the top of the rail and the sprocket.   

Chain adjustment Garage door openeron.jpg 


Once you have made sure that the motor is in the closed position:


  4.  Unplug the unit


  5. Check to make sure that the chain is not twisted or damaged.  


  6. Adjust the chain tension so that there is a slight  drop to the chain.


  7. Check the travel of the chain and trolley.


   8. The trolley should end in the closed position at the connection to the attachment rail of the garage door, do not             attach.


   9.  Plug the unit back in.


  10. Check the opening position of the trolley.  Adjust as needed.  


  11. Put the motor in the closed position and then re-connect the trolley to the attachment rail.  Operate the garage               door.




Be sure to take pictures/video of your repair project and share them with the rest of the community in our Project Library under “I Did This”.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted 2013-08-06T22:22:48+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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