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Reliability of delivery quotes on web site and email?

I ordered a garbage disposer from last week (Model #AFC111V).  The "Check earliest delivery date" command on the web site specified just a few days wait, which was great.  But my email confirmation then quoted a multi-month delay (July!).  Sure enough, online order status now says that also.

I called and reached a telephone rep who had no information.  Wrote in via the Contact Us link and got no reply.

I've always found the HD web site quite reliable in statements re order shipments, in-store availability, etc.  But this is my first order from the appliance section, with its different fulfillment and delivery model.  Hoping someone here can shed some light on delivery reliability.  Happy to wait a week or two, but ten is probably unrealistic.

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Posted 2013-04-17T00:24:48+0000  by bedelman bedelman

Got a reply from online customer care.  They found the product and will arrange delivery in a week, not the ~10 weeks previously quoted.  Not sure what went wrong here, but it seems I'm all set.  Please mark this thread as resolved or delete it.  Many thanks.

Posted 2013-04-17T16:22:25+0000  by bedelman
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