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Reloading table

I want to build a reloading table but I need some help with what I need to buy for wood I would like it to me made for under $100.   Be about 5feet long and 2 feet wide and I want to sit at it with a chair  it also needs to be very sturdy do to the reloading????? Looking for some help

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Posted 2013-02-11T06:07:23+0000  by kc2jmn kc2jmn

Hello Kc2jmn,


This will be a fun weekend project that you will be able to use for years to come. The budget that you have set for yourself shouldn’t be an issue either.


My first questions to you would be do you want the table top to be made out of plywood or 2X material?


If you want it to be plywood then my second question would be does it have to be 5’ x 2’ or can it be 4’ x 2’. If it needs to be 5’ then you will need to purchase a full sheet of plywood and cut it down to 5’ x 2’. If you can work with a 4’ wide table then you can get away with purchasing a 2’ x 4’ handy panel sheet of plywood.  This will affect the overall cost of the table and you will have a lot of left over plywood if you go with a full sheet.


If you choose to go with a 2x table top then the depth would be 22”, 22.5”, or 28.5” depending on if you use 6”, 8”, or 10” wide boards. These measurements are with no gaps in between the boards. If the table is going to be in an area that the temperature varies quite a bit then there should be a ¼” gap in between the boards for expansion and contraction.


I would make the frame out of 2 x 4’s and screw them together. This will allow you to tighten them at any time if it gets loos and also let you disassemble it if you ever need to move it.


Make the 2 x 4 frame 8” smaller than the overall size of the top. This will leave 4” all the way around for the table top to hang over.


**The standard height of a table is 29”-30” tall with an 18” high chair.


 Here is a cut list for a 5’ x 2’ table.


FRAME  (2” x 4”)

2 @ 54” top – front and back

4 @ 13 top - sides and bottom side leg supports

4 @ 28” legs

1 @ 48” middle leg support


TOP (plywood and 1” x 2” frame)

1 @ ¾” x 60” x 24” plywood

2 @ 1” x 2” x 61 ½”

2 @ 1” x 2” x 24”


With a plywood top I would frame the edges with a 1” x 2” solid wood so you won’t get splinters.


When attaching the bottom leg support keep in mind where your legs will be. You don’t want to bust your knee on it every time you scoot your chair in.


This should get you started in the right direction with your reload station.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.

Posted 2013-02-13T21:50:53+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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